maggot safe to feed bird?

by Ruby
(Newalla, OK. USA)

is it ok to fed maggot to sun conure?

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Sep 09, 2012
Maggots may not be safe, why chance it?
by: Tracie

If the maggot has not ingested anything toxic that will hurt the bird, then the bug is safe. How would your bird get hold of a maggot in the first place though? What dead flesh did it feed on? What died?

The article at this link claims birds died from eating maggots:

Other birds can pick up the toxin, either by eating the animal matter or the maggots found on carcasses, she said."They become little botulism pills," McGuire said. "As few as one maggot the bird eats can kill (the bird)."

I suggest you stick with pellets and organic vegetables so that you don't feed your bird chemicals or worse.

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