maintance of love birds

by suraj

doctor i am from mumbai as u know i had written before i want to ask some general questions i evrytime insert an calcium block and every 8 months i mix teramycin in the water can u suggest me more measures and is there any liqiud i should mix in water and make it have bath pls tell me the name and i always every 3 monts clean the cage with an wet and dried cotton and evey week clean the excreta tray and always put paper on the excreta tray pls suggest more measures to keep them clean and i feed it clean kitchen tap water is it ok or should i feed it aquaguard water.thanku suraj

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Aug 11, 2010
maintance of love birds
by: Linda

I'm not the Avian Vet, but I will say you need to STOP giving your birds the antibiotics. Never give birds any over the counter meds as most of the ones you find in pet stores easily damage the kidneys and liver.The Tetracycline family are dangerous drugs which have to be administered by an Avian Vet or you risk killing your birds. Put nothing in the water except fresh, clean water. If your drinking water is not clean, then boil it and cover it so it can cool BEFORE giving to birds.

Get your birds onto a wholesome, high quality, organic pelleted diet like Harrisons' or one of the others Tracie carries out here. Feed only organic veggies as suggested on the pellet packages. By organic, I mean food grown without commercial fertilizer, including manure, and plants that have had no commercial pesticides sprayed onto them as these will poison the birds.

Here is a link to read an article about changing from seeds to pellets written by an Avian Vet, as the change takes some time:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

There is also a link on this site about finding an Avian Vet, so you may wish to use it. Avian Vets are the ONLY people qualified to administer any kind of medications to birds because they have gone extra years to school and spent much practical working time learning about safe medications, how much to give, and how to diagnosis various illness. What you are doing is poisoning your birds.

I know your heart is good, and you care about your birds, so just get them onto a healthful diet which will keep disease away since you are doing such a good job with the cleaning. My Amazon parrots have been eating Harrison's pellets for many years and just don't get sick because the quality diet keeps their immune systems healthy so they can fight off any disease without having to go to Avian Vet's. Harrison's products are Avian endorsed, so you just need to get the right size pellet for your size birds.

Thanks for writing,

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