Make my parrots stay on my finger or shoulder

i have 2 senegal parrots 1 male 1 female i have had the male for 4 months now and the female for 2 days now i do not know their original ages.......the male doesnt bite anymore but it seem fingerphobic while the female bites and wont want any one touch her but collects treats from us.....plz i need help on how i can make them stay on my finger or shoulder thamks,kennedy

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Jul 30, 2011
plz re help
by: kennedy

thanks for the information but i'm still dumb found,
the male is now 8 month old it allows me to touch the chest, the back, mouth, and head but if i put my hand in the cage to try and touch it,it runs away from me and if i forcefully catch it it bites.
but as for the female she hasent changed all she does is collect treats from me, but if i come empty handed she trys to bite any finger that comes near her from any body she try to bite i'v had her for 4 months now

Editor's note: Your bird may be cage protective, ours will attack us when in their cage, but are find outside of the cage.

Apr 27, 2011
It could be..
by: Anonymous

If your bird is comfortable with you and you are able to handle it, It could be that you are just offering your finger in a different manner than it is used to. It might of had an owner that always offered the left hand, and you offer the right. It could be that you are offering your finger with the rest of your hand in a fist, instead of open, or the back side of the hand up, instead of palm up. It might of been allowed to climb onto the top of the cage, and then onto the hand. It could be used to a different wording, instead of "Step up"
Don't give up, keep taking it slow.

Apr 26, 2011
Getting your parrots to stay on you
by: Tracie

I know it can be very frustrating and disappointing when our birds "seem" to reject us. Birds do not naturally want people to pet them etc. In a flock, they may have another bird preen them, but that's it.

You will have to first gain the bird's trust and then become a part of their perceived flock. Then, when they see you as the one they want attention from, you can teach them preferred behaviors.

Having two birds, especially if they share a cage, will potentially cause them to like each other more than their human that feeds them. Not always, but sometimes this happens.

Please read the training articles on our Parrot Training page for more information on helping your birds to get on you.

I do not suggest allowing the birds on your shoulder, unless they become completely tame. One bite out of your face or neck, and you will agree with me. If the birds see the shoulder as acceptable, then they may climb a child and do serious injury.

Apr 25, 2011
Make my parrots stay on my finger or shoulder
by: Linda

First ALL NEW BIRDS have to be examined by an Avian Vet before being brought into a home with another bird. The reason for this is birds coming from pet stores or breeders are under a lot of stress and their immune systems are not functioning properly. Add this to the stress of sharing cages with totally strange birds, and you have a recipe for communicable diseases running rampant. Take both your birds to be examined and cleared for infections before you begin any training with them. The Avian Vet will perform a few tests for bacterial and viral infections as well as basic bloodwork to determine if there are any blood borne diseases. We recommend yearly examns by avian vet to make sure birds are healthy and not hiding disease.

So before training, have both examined by an avian vet in your driving area. Thanks for writing, Linda

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