Making My Sun Conure As Comfortable As Possible

by Barbara
(Riverside, Ca, USA)

My best buddy, Sunny, was given to me when I was extremely ill with Lyme Disease. They thought I was too depressed, I wasn't trying anymore, so Sunny was the answer.
He worked his magic, screeching me out of bed every morning and then loving the heck out of me. We nicknamed him Napolian because the dog, the declawed cat, and I, all take him very seriously. If he wants your yams, he will get them through charm or stealth, and NEVER let him see a whip cream can. He eats good, gets tons of attention, fly's in the spring to build strength, and even goes camping to the Grand Canyon, North Rim. Friends houses have perches, he's a part of the group.
Last year an emergency vet told me that he had a large mass in his abdomen. They said that tests needed to be done to see if it was operable. There is no way I could afford the operation so I spared him the additional tests. He has been loved even harder, even letting him build a nest on the other side of my bed. I gave him his favorite cotton mu-mu to tear up. He tries to mate with my foot to create an egg for that nest but no success so far. (don't tell him, he's worked so hard)
He is now failing, getting weaker, regurgitating several times per day. I blend fruit and give him smoothies to help with the seed. He has a place to rest in each room but he just wants to be with me - resting in bed. I am having to leave him behind sometimes because he is in distress when he can't rest. I think he is telling me he is in pain that is so bad he cannot enjoy trying to remove an earring. I jest to hold myself together but it's not working.

I need support and guidance. Is it worth trying to control pain in a parrot or would he be without any quality of life? He was 5 when I got him, he's 13, almost 14, now. I nursed my first Teal Fronted Conure, 27, through multiple organ failure and Aspergelosis, he lived only to die 6 months later.

I know many people would have fought for the surgery. I am not the same person as before Lyme Disease. I cannot work and am grateful for the roof over my head. It's hard to sit up to type and I am borrowing this computer. Vet care is precious.

Please share your experiences so I can navigate my way through this time with Sunny.
Thank you.