making noise

by Gayla
(Portland Oregon)

I just acquired a lovebird today and since bringing it home its making quite a bit of noise. Will it settle down or is this normal. Even the cats left the room.

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Jun 16, 2009
by: Linda

Your new bird needs at least a week to settle in and get used to your home. It may also not be used to cats, and be careful about them when handling your bird. When getting to know your bird by taking it out of cage to show it your home, it would be a good idea to have the cats elsewhere or outside if they go outside. Little birds like the Lovebird can become prey to a cat while the larger parrots are usually left alone. It is kind of a cat thing, and most will leave them alone unless they are smaller birds.

Your new birdy may want something it does not have like toys, a larger cage or the kind of food it's used to. If feeding an all seed diet, please begin to change it over to an organic pelleted diet like Harrisons which Tracie sells out here.

If your bird has not been taken to Avian vet for a checkup and testing for infections, please do so as soon as you can. An out of sorts bird can sometimes mean a bird getting sick. Moving from one house to another is very stressful for them, and when their immune systems get compromised they will get sick. So have your vet check bird out to make sure all is well.

Also, spend some time with him, and he needs lots of time outside cage. If cage comes with playtop, even better. If not, you or husband can make one if cage top is flat, and if not, one can be bought or made to sit on dining room table. Be sure that his wings are clipped, and vet can do this. You only need the primary feathers clipped as this allows them to "glide" to floor instead of falling hard. It also looks nicer. Once bird's wings are clipped, your cats must be heavily supervised until they and bird get used to each other. Never leave the room with bird out of cage and cats around as this can end in disaster. Cats has a lot of bacteria in their bodies that is transferred to others through their claws and/or teeth. If I get scratched, even lightly, by a cat, it welts up and itches a lot. I will have to put something on it. When a cat scratches or bites a bird, the bird can die from serious infection, so be very cautious with bird and cats until they understand that bird even though small has quite a large beak for his size and that you will be very, very hurt if anything happens to him. The only cats I ever had trouble with in relation to my birds were the ones who started their lives as feral born to feral mothers. They watched their mother's hunt, and she hunted birds and mice, so these cats will always be a danger to a bird.

It just sounds like your new bird is afraid, so take him on a walking tour of his new home and talk to him about each room and what is in it. Parrots are very silly willys and will learn to say words, phrases and sounds that are funny or ones they just like.

Good luck with you new birdy, and let us know how he is doing.

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