making parrots better?

by Henry

My fischer's lovebird is on the bottom of the cage and just lying there and it wont do anything eccept from breathing but my other fischer's lovebird (parrot) is ok and playing aroung, please give me some advice,i am very woried about my parrot help me or try finding a wet that is availible at night because it's an emergency!

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Nov 19, 2011
making parrots better
by: Anne

Have you found an Avian Vet I do hope so as it is crucial from what you are saying.
Put your ill bird in a seperate cage in case whatever it has is contagious. Make sure it's a small cage keep it part covered so it is not disturbed. Leave food sprinkled on the floor & a little water in a dish on the floor.
Try putting some Guardian Angel in it's water.
Have you got some heating going for it like a small reptile mat which is low wattage, keep it under half the cage so your bird can move to the other side of the cage if it gets too hot.
Make sure you put the cage on a grid above the mat.
But having said all this I do hope that you have found an Avian Vet though as that is what your bird needs first & foremost. Good luck.

Nov 18, 2011
Bird on the bottom of the cage
by: Tracie

Oh, I hope you found a 24 hour clinic by now. If not you might can Find an Avian Vet here. There are links at the top of the page if you don't see one suggested on the page.

Besides keeping the parrot warm, there is not really anything else you can do but take it to an avian vet.

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