male and female cockateils

my female cockatiel quibbles her voice and bends over as if in mating position, my male puts his beak into her backside as if cleaning her, are they attempting to mate or is something wrong with my female..she has laid a total of 5 eggs in the last 3 months none of which has hatched..i don't really want baby birds but i will let nature take its course

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Jul 29, 2008
by: The Vet

The female is inviting the male to copulate, but the male does not know what to do. This is not uncommon with hand fed male cockatiels. It is possible they accidentally get it right and the eggs could be fertile. If this happens and you do not want them to hatch, then you can freeze them overnight to prevent development. You should not allow them to reproduce and have chicks. There are enough unwanted birds around.

Dr B

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