male australian lovebird

by Diego
(silver spring, md usa)

i just got my lovebirds and didnt clip my pair of lovebirds and i let them out in the livging room (usualy do)and i wanted them back in the cage by opening the cage and closing later and i got the female and i wanted the male to go to the cage and he came to the cage and i was getting closer and he flew and i was going to grab him gentley but i accendentley hit him in on the top of the eye half and inch acros of his eye and some feathers came off and he is acting normal like nothing ever happen

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Jun 08, 2009
male australian lovebird
by: Diego

thank you so much some other thing he acts wierd after another accedent i think

Apr 27, 2009
Accidentally hit bird's eye
by: Tracie

If he is acting normal, then everything is probably fine. Birds have hollow bones, so I am glad you are being so careful. Accidents happen, don't feel too bad.

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