Male bird killed female birds eggs

by Karen
(Monticello, Indiana)

I have a male and female parakeet. She has had 3 sets of babys. This time she laid 7 eggs and the male bird was fighting with the female to get into the nesting box. When he got in there he pecked all the eggs and threw them out of the nesting box.Why did he do this? PLEASE HELP!

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Oct 28, 2009
by: Linda

If you are allowing your birds to breed and raise babies more than once or, at most, twice a year, you are overbreeding them, and their mental and physical health will start to deteriorate shortly. The male is maybe just simply TIRED of having babies all the time, and your female's body will be breaking down. Once female health goes, the male will possibly try to kill her as birds do not tolerate sicknes/weakness within the flock as it brings predators in the wild and your birds are wild not domesticated animals.

Stop the breeding and only breed them once a year. To build the female back up, make sure they are eating high quality, organic pellets like Harrison's makes.

Both your birds need a trip to an Avian Vet to see if they may have an infection or other physical illness. Please take them in and stop with the overbreeding. Birds were never meant to be breeding non-stop, and they suffer for it. The babies also suffer as the mother can be sick or just not feel like feeding them properly. MOSTLY, WATCH AND LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BIRDS ARE TRYING TO TELL YOU. YOUR MALE IS TRYING VERY HARD TO COMMUNICATE HIS FEELINGS, AND YOU ARE NOT LISTENING. STOP AND LISTEN TO THEM, AND THEY WILL BE YOUR BEST GUIDES FOR WHAT THEY NEED AND WANT.


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