Male Cockateil is pulling feathers out under his wing

by Kathy Walters
(Modesto, CA USA)

under the wing

under the wing

For the past week I noticed what appeared to be the ring wing "swollen"
It wasn't till he lifted his wings I noticed just on the right side under his "arm pit" he has picked feathers.

He also is wanting us to rub his head more often than usual.
He gets sprayed with water or plays in water every other day. No soaps, etc are used on him.

The female in his cage with him shows no signs of feather loss.
They both are treated and taken care of daily the same
(playtime x2 day, millet every other day,etc)

I have noticed he has not sang any songs since this started and there has been no changes in the household other than the weather is hot.
Suggestions? I can't afford another vet bill. \

Many thanks!

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Jul 01, 2008
Cockatiel with axillary dermatitis
by: The Vet

This could develop into very serious condition if not diagnosed and treated immediately. This is axillary dermatitis, and appears to be mild at the moment, but these develop very quickly into a serious condition. He needs to be seen by a specialist, a board certified avian veterinarian as soon as possible. This problem cannot be treated at home and should not be untreated for very long.

What is his diet. You should be feeding him Harrison's pellets. This food contains omega fatty acids that can help reduce the inflammation and prevent other dermatitis lesion. 80% of his diet needs to be Harrison’s pellets. The other 20% can be any treats.

Dr B

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