male cockatiel attacking

by Sandy
(Claremore, OK)

My male cockatiel has been hiding under the couch and running out and attacking my feet (really mean like he is trying to hurt you). This morning he actually flew at me, attacking. He is about 3 yrs old and loves for me to pet his head, very friendly. What could be going on?

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Jan 31, 2012
Bird suddenly attacking
by: Tracie

I don't know why your bird has suddenly started attacking you. Sometimes this is a sign of illness or that is has chewed something toxic and it has messed with it's brain.

You should NOT be allowing your bird to walk around on your floor and get under our couch and things like that. Your bird might chew something toxic, get trapped somewhere, like in the springs of your couch, behind a refrigerator, oven etc.

Even the dye in your carpet is likely toxic, as is most metals on ceiling fans. Your bird could land on a frame and cause it to fall over and break the bird's bones.

Please have the bird's wings trimmed, and purchase a bird stand for your bird to be on next to you when it is not in the cage. When you leave the room, put the bird back in it's cage.

The other option is to make a bird safe room, that has nothing dangerous that can harm the bird.

Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list

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