Male Cockatiel very angry.

by Anne

I have 4 Cockatiels 2 6 year old parents, I have brought in 4 months ago a male & female chick from seperate clutch's. NOw 6 month old.

My question is, why does the 6 year male hate the female baby cinnamon even attacking on occasions, chasing her off around the room as well. This has been on going ever since I got them & yet he doesn't bother with the Lutino male chick?

They are all my indoor birds having equal treatment. The 2 chicks are in a cage together the other 2 have there own cages although very bonded the female wont have the male in with her so his cage is next to hers.

I explain all this so you have the full picture.
Thanks very much for your help.

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Nov 05, 2011
Male Cockatiel very angry.
by: Anne

Thank you for your reply . I do agree with what you have said at the start as I had wondered if it was the Cinnamon colouration that was the problem & since have kept them apart when it's there fly time but, I have to say is very hard as I have always let them have out time for such a long time meaning hours but I have worked out a new strategy for them.
What I don't agree with though is the part about wing clipping as I believe that birds are meant to fly. When all sensible procautions are taken in the home.
To me where is the difference in a bird escaping through a window/or door than being stepped on on the floor because its not flying also making it an easy target for other pets.
As I say, this is just my own opinion but thank you for your comments though.

Nov 02, 2011
Male Cockatiel very angry.
by: Linda

All birds have distinct likes and dislikes when it comes to humans, other pets and other birds. Sometimes it's based on colors and sometimes not. I suggest you take all your birds to Avian Vet to have their wings clipped to stop the flying all around. This is going to result in possibly deadly injuries at some point. Have ONLY an avian vet or one of their assistants clip birds' wings. Have only the 4-6 primary flight feathers trimmed. These are the long feathers at the ends of each wing. Do not allow clipping up any higher as this is not necessary and causes birds chronic pain in the wings.

Do let the older birds out at the same time as the younger ones because the male may eventually either badly hurt the bird he does not like or kill it.

Thanks for writing,

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