Male doesnt want to mate....

by Peter
(Adelaide, Australia)

it looks as though my female has been desperate to start a family for more than a year now but for some reason my male just isnt interested. when his girlfriend backs up onto him and clicks his wings all he seems to want to do is play or cuddle with her or will turn away and preen. they are both coming up to their second birthday. any ideas guys :)

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Jan 16, 2012
Male doesnt want to mate....
by: Linda

Before any breeding programs are started, both birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet. This is to make sure birds are not masking any infections or other physical problems. Sick parents create sick babies who die shortly after being born. So, find an Avian Vet in your area and have both birds examined for any physical issues that could be causing this delay.

The male may not be as old as you think he is, but at even one year old, males are usually ready. Hens have to be two years or older to make sure they are fully developed and able to lay an egg.

Environment and diet are the next issues. Your birds need full spectrum light on a daily basis. This is provided with fluorescent full spectrum bulbs hung over their cage. We have a double Macaw cage for our Amazons, and they have two 24" lights one above each section. You could probably use just one Over the cage full spectrum lighting. These bulbs and fixtures are found at places who carry the full spectrum line of lights. You cannot use the ones found in home improvement stores or Wal-Mart as they are not full spectrum but only colored bulbs. Breeding cage and correct kind of nestbox is also a must.

Diet needs to be organic pellets for up to 80-85% of the total diet with only 10-15% in organic fruit or veggies. Harrison's is the best and is found here if you can get them into your country. If not, ask the Avian Vet for a good one, and please try and find organic as the others are full of chemicals, sugars, preservatives all of which harm birds. This includes ZuPreem and Lafaebers both of which are chemical soups that do more harm than good.

Changing from seeds to pellets takes time, and here is article about how to go about it. Make NO changes in diet until both birds have been checked and cleared or treated by Avian Vet:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

So, there are many things to consider here, and the above will help you. Good luck and let us know how it's going,

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