male eastern rosella

by charlene
(lilburn, ga)

We rescued a male eastern rosella and was tols that he had a liver disease and that he should not be breed. We are feeding him fruity Zupreem pellets and cockatiel food. Sometimes he gets a few cooked noodles. We have tried vegetables ,but he won't eat them. His beak has to be reshaped and grows fast. His nails grow fast also. We have a drill that has different speeds and is quiet. He doesn't care for it though;but we keep an eye on his nails. He's already lost some. He doesn't have scaley mites,but he does produce extra keratin on his feet. We weigh him to make sure that his weight remains consistant.He wolf whistles and does other songs and sounds. We don't let him around any other animals or birds. We always wash our hands thouroughly and keep him by himself.My question is as follows;is there any medication we should give him? He seems happy and healthy. We also give him a little baby bird zupreem formula just to make sure that he's eating enough. His weight is around 120grams and stays constant.I worry about his feet. Thanks, Charlene ps his feathers look like their in good condition,no plucking and bright and colorful . Thanks!

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Sep 09, 2008
Eastern Rosella health
by: The Vet

First, I cannot recommend any medications without seeing your bird and making a diagnosis. However, there are medications and nutriceuticals that likely can help your bird. The issues you mention are often related to nutrition and to liver disease – i.e. the nails, beak and keratin. (Side note: the hyperkeratosis on the feet can also be influenced by the type of perches he has. Your bird needs a variety of perches including a good quality pedicure perch, natural branches, and rope. Tracie sells these here on this site if you can't find them locally.)

I recommend that you switch his diet. ZuPreem is not a good pellet; it has lots of sugar (sucrose is fifth ingredient on the list) and sugar can present health problems such as promoting yeast infections. Also this food has lots of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors, none of which are good for even a healthy bird, much less one with liver disease; these ingredients are processed by the liver and makes it work harder. You should switch your birds to Harrison's pellets, the best you can feed. It is organic, has no artificial anything, has omega fatty acids which improve liver function among other things, and will reverse some of the damages caused by fatty liver disease.

You need to discontinue the use of the hand feeding formula. The formula is designed nutritionally for growing babies, not adult birds; you are putting extra stress on the liver and kidneys feeding this formula, even in small amounts, not to mention potentially causing him to be over weight. 120gms is OK for a Rosella, but it could be high, too. I would need to examine your bird to tell if he is overweight; body condition cannot be determined by weight alone.

You should find a specialist to take him to for a complete and thorough assessment of his health condition. The Dr. would then be able to prescribe treatment if needed.

Dr B

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