Male eclectus displaying

by Dee
(Cape Town South Africa)

Hi guys, me again. my other parrot is a 2 yrs old male eclectus who i'm presuming is displaying sexual interest in me: nipping, fluffing up feathers, looking excited, jumping on and off my hand and twisting his tail feathers to one side!i took it as progression of a game i played with him as a baby where he would chase my hand, jump on, then step off keeping hold of my hand with one foot. he tended to get a bit aggressive after a while so i stopped, now any time i'm sitting down he comes and tries to play the same game but has to be quietly put back on his cage before he gets too aggressive. is this sexual behaviour and am i dealing with it in the right way?

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Dec 28, 2008
Male Eclectus displaying
by: Tracie

Hi Dee,

I think you are doing the correct thing. You do not want to encourage breeding behavior since you can not be his mate. It will only frustrate him.

If you reduce the amount of daytime light to less than 10 hours, like it is winter, then that might help also.

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