Male eclectus has a growth coming from back of tongue sticing out

by Nancy
(Maplewood, NJ)

Male eclectus has a growth coming from back of tongue. It sticks out the side of his beak. He has allowed me to gently break off the hard part at the end of the 1 "4 stick but it grows back. He licks the mouth often too as though he is sucking on something when he is not.
It is attached to the cup like part of the back of his tongue. He had it on both sides. One side responded to Benedril--a tiny drop daily, but the other---although much improved--is still coming back. It does not protrude anymore.

He has always had a very hard yellow portion of his beak---on the inside. I have to file that down or it gets too long and big and he has difficulty shutting his mouth. Right now it is perfect. It does look like he is licking the yellow lining .

My vets say it is normal and also that this species has beak problems. My other eclectus male has a beak the simply grows too long very quickly. He hates it when I use a nail clipper or a dremmel or a file etc. but it has to be done. I am a nurse.

BTW when our local vet tried to help me she brought my suddenly bloody bird out of the back with the sides of his mouth where she obviously forced it open. She was upset and stupid too because she said it must have been like that. I hate when people won't take responsibility!! zo +
I never returned. My regular vet is not familiar with Eclectus do I basically am on my own because the other vet in our area has not see one either. I am guessing Linda that you have never held one since you would have know the spicy smell was common for this bird.

Anyone have a better way to file down the long overgrown beak---maybe once a month and the other one with the hard shell like yellow inner part of his beak


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Aug 27, 2013
Follow-up on bird with growth on tongue
by: PatFar

What has become of the bird? What has your vet found was the cause of the growth? Does it continue to grow?

Please update.

Jun 28, 2011
Eclectus with growth on tongue
by: The Avian Vet

You should never randomly medicate your bird without an avian veterinarian?s supervision. Nothing that I can think of that sounds like what you describe should respond to Benadryl. This could be a tumor or a hyperkeratosis granuloma associated with vitamin A deficiency.

I recommend that you have this bird examined by an avian veterinarian immediately. If this grows or shifts it could block air flow and suffocate your bird or prevent him from eating.

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An over grown beak is a symptom of nutritional deficiencies or a physiological problem. Although it is common for eclectus to develop an over grown beak, it is not normal. Diagnostics should be performed to determine the cause so it can be treated. Beak trimming should be done only by an experienced professional.

Dr B

Jun 28, 2011
second opinion
by: Anonymous

Please your eclectus parrots for a second or 3rd opinion to other avian vets. Though your current avian has said it may be common, that does not solve the problem.

Any kind of beak or tongue problem is usually something to do with fungus or bacteria problem. there can be many reasons for this.

Beak over growth is usually diet related, but not always. Excessive amounts of seed eating can cause over grown beaks, many other things can as well.

Please seek other avian vets advise & please google Eclectus Parrots for other 'general' eclectus parrot information. There is a lot of valuable information around.

I know dieting will come up in this place so I would just like to say do your thorough research on dieting specifically for eclectus parrots & do what YOU think is the right way to go with dieting.

Jun 27, 2011
Male eclectus has a growth coming from back of tongue sticing out
by: Linda

Please get your bird into be examined by an Avian Vet as quickly as you can. Never trim their beaks for any reason as this is a place where they can bleed out if cut in too far.

When you have a bird, they are going to need the services of a licensed and trained avian vet at some point. Your bird needs a professional to evaluate this situation immediately before you do any more damage than you've already done.

Let us know what avian vet has to say and do not delay getting your bird into see one.

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