Male Eclectus not fertilizing eggs

Our female has laid several cluthches of eggs but none are fertile? Help please

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Feb 17, 2012
Eclectus Breeding Season
by: Anonymous

When is the actual breeding season?

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Feb 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

This is becoming a common problem as most eclectus or new eclectus breeders don't realise they need to REALLY 'like' each other to breed :) They can look or appear to get along really well, this doesn't mean they are actually compatible with each other for breeding.

Remove the nest box so the female doesn't continue laying. Let them alone for a while longer, try again next season. If the eggs are still infertile you may just have to accept they may not ever be a compatible pair. Be very careful with incompatible eclectus pairs because they can end up plucking from the frustration & the need to breed but incompatibility to.

Also do lots of research (google) for the correct aviary, nest box & equipment. If ANY of this isn't right & even a tad too small they will not breed.

Feb 16, 2012
Male not fertilizing the eggs
by: Tracie

You need to Find an Avian Vet to examine the male bird to make sure there is not something wrong with him. It is best to have all birds examined by an avian vet before breeding them.

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