male eclectus parrot

what are the 2 brown spots on his beak a symtom of?

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Jan 19, 2010
Eclectus beak
by: The Avian Vet

The spots could be normal pigmentation, infection, or trauma. You should have your bird looked at by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Jan 18, 2010
male eclectus parrot
by: Linda

We have no idea whatsoever what this may be a symptom of. You need to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area. We are not Avian Vets, and our Avian Vet who is kind enough to answer questions for free cannot tell what is wrong with your bird without seeing him in his office and being able to diagnose and treat his ailment.

So, there is something wrong with your bird, and he needs the attention of an Avian Vet to diagnose and treat whatever he has wrong with him. It is your legal and ethical responsibility to provide shelter, high quality food, fresh water, adequate cage and medical services for your bird.

Thanks for writing,

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