male lovebird flew away

by Atif

My male blue mask lovebird has flown away from the cage leaving his female behind. It was a bonded pair. What should I do now? Will he ever comeback or shall I get a new friend for her?

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Nov 05, 2017
My male love bird flew away
by: Sheida

Hi I am very I opened the doir of balcony then my lovebird hear some birds singing he became excited and flew away.. I couldn't find it he is very lovely and cut and it's color is green with white face, his name is Barfi. He has a mate female and it has laid some eggs but she is alone now. I don't know what to do

Aug 17, 2017
lost lovebird named Kuhn
by: Anonymous

my lovebird flew away two days ago unable to locate him . I heard him and saw him on a tall tree. I whistled and he immediately responded but there were three dogs barking and he flew across the streets. I went to look for him but never heard him.He is very tame I posted him on facebook hoping that I may hear he landed on someone shoulder. I am very worried because we and is indoorsfed him

Sep 06, 2011
male lovebird flew away
by: Atif (Pakistan)

Hi, I am extremely glad to announce that fortunately, my bird has comeback. Today in the morning, I saw him sitting on his cage which was hanging on the terrace. I caught him with my net and put him back with his old friend. Masha Allah, I can't express the way they celebrated.

Although the environment around my home is quite green and natural and the weather throughout the year is very much friendly to the birds, yet I feel proud to see the bird back to his home. I also feel that probably the bird, by doing this, has certified me as a very good caretaker of him.

:) May all humans learn from animals and live happily together. Aamen!

Regards, Atif / Pakistan.

P.s. As you have asked about my other birds and the way I keep them. Well, you are right I am not a professional breeder, but I love pets and love to keep them as my family member. I only take complete information from good breeders, if I want to breed some species. Otherwise, I am happy without breeding them. One of my good friends is an avian vet, and he often visits my home and keep advising me about the birds' health. That's the only reasons perhaps, that none of my birds has died due to illness since Feb-2010. I have two divided my birds into primary classes i.e. Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor birds include following birds:-
- One Green IRN named Green
- One Blue IRN named Blu
- Two African Grey Congos named Candy and Sandy respectively.
- One Mollucan Cockatoo named Boss

They have a separate bird room in my home with two side full wall size glass for natural light, self manufactured play gyms and separate cages for every bird. All indoor birds and fully tamed and live with us my kids throughout the day. We only put them in their cage in the night, as we also have a pair of persian cats who freely move in the home and we can't take care of them when we have slept.

Outdoor birds include following:-
- One Pair Lovebirds named Berry and Jerry (these are the birds as per subject above).
- One Pair Cockatiels named Ash and Lemon.
- Twelve pairs budgrigars named budgies.
- One male and two female canaries named Tweety, Sweety and Beauty.
- One pair Plumheaded Parakeets named Jam and Jelly.

All outdoor birds live in their separate big cages which allow them a little fight too. These cages are custom made according to the nature and needs of each species (My major source of this innformation is ofcourse google). I try to do my best to take best care of all the birds. I give them approx 80% pellet food (Totally Organics Pellets) alongwith 20% seeds mixture with fresh cut veggies most of the times. Hope it satisfies the query and I would appreciate any advice from you on this which will be extremely valueable for me. Best regards / Atif - Pakistan

Sep 04, 2011
Lovebird mate flew away
by: Tracie

I don't know your circumstances in Pakistan, you didn't share if these bird live outside or inside, if you have lots of birds, if you are a breeder or anything like that.

I suspect you keep your birds outside and you are NOT a breeder because a breeder would already know the answer.

I don't know if your bird will come back, it is doubtful. If you do not have any other birds, then getting a friend for that bird would be good, but keep the new bird in a separate cage until you see that THEY want to live together. I suggest you purchase the same gender, so that the birds do not breed.

I also suggest you take the bird you have to someone experienced in trimming wings, so that you don't have another bird fly away.

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