male or female cockatiel?

by tiffany

i have a white lutino cockatiel it looks like it tries to mate with its pearch it walks side to side on the bottom of its cage and whistles quit a bit even the andy griffith song it also make its wings shape as a heart but sometimes it will hiss at me and when it malted it got a little more yellow on its chest and its orange patches now has a dusting of white does this mean its a male or female?

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Jan 31, 2011
About that....
by: Lauren

Hey just to let you know, about the perch thing... Its completely normal for birds to do that. Its an instinct to wanna mate, and since ur bird cant, he feels lonely. :(

Jan 30, 2011
male or female cockatiel?
by: Linda

Until the bird is breeding age at about 2 years old, there is no way to tell sex without doing a DNA testing of the blood. This is done in an Avian Vet's facility where they take a drop of blood, prepare it for shipping and ship it off to a lab that does DNA testing. This can take up to a month or more depending on how much work this particular lab has pending.

The best way to tell is to wait and see. Once birds are at sexual maturity, the male's cheek patches are a deep and bright orange which is seen very clearly with the white lutinos. They will do the breeding dance which is done by making their body very stiff, holding out wings and spreading tail feathers and moving back and forth across perch. Only the males sing the mating song while the females can learn to talk and/or sing human taught songs. Mostly the females will make loud calls that are not considered songs in any form or fashion.

The females may also lay an egg once they are sexually mature regardless of whether there is a male present or not.

Otherwise, there is no way to tell other than the above or a DNA test to determine sex.

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