Male or female crimson rosella?

I just got a crimson rosella, but I don't know if its a boy or girl and that's why I haven't named him/her yet. So I was wondering. . . . How can you tell if your crimson rosella is a male or female?

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Feb 17, 2010
by: xXTeAm EdWaRdxX

my bird is a rosella and yea random dw ok bye bye

Nov 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

can i tell the sex,s between my rubino and lutino rosellas just by looking at them

Feb 05, 2009
sexing crimson rosellas
by: Anonymous

When crimson rosellas lose their immature plumage [green feathers]and obtain their crimson plumage the females tend to retain the white stripe underneath their wings

Oct 07, 2008
the difference between male and female
by: Anonymous

the easiest way to tell the diference between a male and female crimson rosella is that a female has green specs on the back and a male normally has red or orange

Sep 16, 2008
Crimson rosellas
by: Kel

I think that the female (and juvenile) crimson rosellas have some green on their back - while adult males have no green. Hope this is true - and hope it helps. maybe give him one of those names that suits either sex (for example I once had a male cockatiel from a very young age called SAM - as in SAMuel ... after a while Sam turned out to be SAManther)!!!

Jul 21, 2008
Male or female Crimson Rosella
by: Tracie

There is very little sexual dimorphism in Crimson Rosellas. The most noticeable difference between genders is that males are up to 15% larger, and have a relatively larger and wider beak.

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