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how do tell if my yellow sided grenn cheek conure is male or female by the way he looks or feels

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Aug 22, 2008
Re: Male or Female GC Conure
by: Kralice4u

There are many myths about how you can tell a male conure from a female.
I breed Conures and I say there is an acception to all the rules.
Some say that you can tell from the breast plate being wider.
Some also say that the males are vocal whereas the females aren't.
Some also say that the males are more colorful or vibrant then the female.
I have a femail Conure that is brighter than any of my males and her speech capability is much more clearly than any of my males.
The best guaranteed method is to have a vet do a DNA sample on the bird to tell what sex it is.

Aug 22, 2008
Conures need DNA to tell gender
by: Tracie

Green Cheeked Conures must have a DNA test to be able to determine the gender. You can not tell by looking at the bird or by feeling them, you would only be guessing.

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