Male Pionus Maximillion keeping hen from baby

Max our Maximillion parrot will not let Milly look after their baby. Milly laid 5 eggs and sat on them for a month.One hatched the other eggs were not fertilized so we took them out. The remaining baby is 2 weeks old and Max will not let Milly into the nesting box to feed it or to look after it. She has left it alone at night.

When the eggs were in the box she was fine Max fed her and she fed the baby. Now Max won't let her near it and it is being left alone at night. Max is feeding it throughout the day so it is not hungry. What can we do?

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Jun 30, 2011
Male Pionus Maximillion keeping hen from baby
by: Linda

There is no reason I can find for this kind of behavior. Normally both the male and female feed the babies. Possibly the hen is sick as the Pionus or any other bird can develop infections during breeding, especialy the hens as the work to produce eggs is very difficult as is feeding babies.

The baby will not be ready to start weaning until age 3 months, so if male is feeding baby, you'll still have to wait to start weaning. Weaning is a process and does not happen all at once so keep this in mind and do some reading on the subject.

My advice here to to get in touch with a Pionus breeder either in your area or on the internet and find out if they've seen this before.

All birds need to be examined and given a clean bill of health before breeding to make sure one or both of parents is not harboring an infection. So, it would not hurt to take all three birds into Avian Vet to have them examined for infections. Infection will take baby quickly, and just taking one will not do it as infections are highly contageous so all will have it.

You may also want to consider handfeeding this baby yourself using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe. If you've never done this, get with a Pionus breeder or another small parrot breeder and watch, learn and do. Handfeeding correctly is a learned skill, and a novice has to learn from an experienced breeder in order to do everything from mix and heat formula correctly to actually handfeed without aspirating baby.


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