male preffered to female

by lisa
(concord ca u.s.a)

I intend to adopt a 7 yr old female macaw who seems partial to men. Can this be changed with a lot of TLC?

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Sep 23, 2011
Bird preferring men or women
by: Tracie

From my experience, you can't make a bird like one person or another. You CAN train them to tolerate, not bite, others.

Birds can be fickled too. A bird that loves you today, may decide someone else in the house is the favored person one day. However, older birds don't usually switch favorites, at least not in our household.

I suggest you purchase a bird that you "connect" with at the breeders. In the end, it isn't the looks that count if you are wanting a companion. It is the relationship you seem to be looking for. Having a beautiful bird that doesn't want to be with you but loves another in the home can be painful.

Our avian vet does not believe that birds actually like women or men more, but that it is the personality traits of those genders it is drawn to. For instance, my husband has personality traits women have, sensitivity etc. and I have the more direct UN-sensitive personality. Our male birds actually prefer him over me. I am talking ALL the male birds. LOL

My husband has helped me to sort of sit for a few minutes and get in a "sensitive mindset" before going to the cages and that has helped. Hey, I am just a direct person, not aggressive, but I guess I am a threat to the male birds or something.

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