Male Sun Conure becomeing "sexually frustrated"?

by Jessica

Hello i am getting a 4 month old male sun conure. My little sister has a female parrotlet she is about 3 or 4 years old. And i would like to know if the sun conure will become sexually frustrated and start self mutilation? i heard that birds of different species have no intrest in each other is that true? i am just worried i don't want this to happen to the sun conure.

thanks sincerely - Jessica

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Aug 11, 2010
Sun Conure and Parrotlet
by: The Avian Vet

No, he will not become sexually frustrated from being around the female parrotlet.

Dr B

Aug 10, 2010
Male Sun Conure becomeing "sexually frustrated"?
by: Linda

Jessica, thanks for writing, and your conure has years to go before he is sexually mature. As for the parrotlet, there will be no interest shown for breeding as different species do not breed.

I will caution you to keep the conure and parrotlet apart in separate cages and do not allow them out together unless they are being watched all the time as the larger bird can easily hurt the smaller one. I've seen parrotlets become friends even with the giant Macaws, but they were never allowed to spend any time together without strict supervision, and even then not much time together at all.

Thanks for writing and contratulations on your new bird. Hopefully, you have read and learned a lot about the conures before getting your bird as they can be quite noisy. Also make sure you feed both of the birds a healthy, high quality organic pelleted diet, and Tracie carries several kinds here. All seed diets take years off a bird's life because it is a very poor diet for parrots.


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