Maliciously distructive quaker parrot

At what age can I expect our quaker parrot to mature or is there any other way that I can stop our bird from being maliciously destructive? We have tried giving him chewing blocks and sticks. Just about anything that he likes to chew on, he just ignores these and flies up to the things that he shouldnt chew on!!

Our other bird is a female and we thought that we should get her a male mate. She is about 2.5 years old, he is about 7 months! Both are fully flighted and have free flight of the house (open design). Our little girl was a baby when we got her and had her wings clipped, we really wanted her wings to grow! She was never destructive, just totally loving! Since we have introduced this other bird, she has become very aggrevated and taking it out on all of us! He seems to be very loving, but will not stop chewing away on everything that he shouldnt!

As soon as we spot him doing anything like this we immediately admonish him, catch him and put him in a "naught cage" for 15 minutes, with no interaction for that period! I am sure he knows that he is doing wrong, but as soon as released just flies up to where he was and starts again! Often calling out to let you know in case you havent seen him!!??? We have thought of clipping his wings but feel that this will make him too resentfull!????

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Jul 09, 2011
Quaker chewing everything
by: Tracie

Okay, now if you don't want to trim the wings, then you MUST provide these birds a bird safe room that is completely for them when they are not in their cage.

Your birds could chew something that will kill them, or land on something that will fall over and kill them.

So, either trim their wings and don't let them anywhere that is not bird proof or make a bird room for them.

Quakers naturally want to build nests by chewing and weaving things. If you allow your birds to just fly around, then they will find things to chew.

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