Mangie looking Amazon Parrot

by Donna
(Dover PA)

My orange wing parrot is 15 yrs old, the past year he has tiny bald spots on the top bone area of his wings, and a downy shaggy grey feathers on his chest and legs. He is active and eats good, basically nuts and banana chips and sun flower seeds, he will not eat pellets or anything else in the parrot food or people food. He just looks mangie, not bright and colorful. Should I be giving him vitamins? He doesn't appear sick.

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Jan 24, 2011
Amazon feathers show nutritional deficiencies
by: The Avian Vet

You need to do what ever it takes to switch him to pellets. He certainly has signs of nutritional deficiencies, but vitamins and supplements are not going to be a replacement for a good diet. I have included an article that I wrote describing techniques that will have your bird on pellets in 1-2 weeks. Switching Birds to Pellets article

You should also switch your bird to a water bottle. Because your bird may already be sick with secondary problems related to nutrition, you should immediately have your bird worked up by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Jan 17, 2011
Feathers don't look good
by: Tracie

Dr B will eventually answer your question, but I have some thoughts to share.

Shabby feathers is often a sign of poor nutrition. Parrots are a lot like kids. They will only eat what they want, if we give in to their whims. You are the one in control of the food, so you can control what they eat. I think you need to do all you can to convert your bird to pellets.

We have an article on our Parrot Training page written by an avian vet, but there are many ways to convert them. The important thing is to make sure they do eat.

Once our birds know that pellets are food, we convert our birds by ONLY offering pellets from morning until about 2 or 3pm. When a bird wakes up, that is when they are the most hungry. They will be more apt to eat what is provided when they are hungry.

If the bird ate most of the pellets by the afternoon, then we give them their treats. If they only ate some pellets, then they only get a little bit of their treats. Once they know pellets are food, they will not starve themselves.

You DO have to make sure they have eaten a pellet. We have a bird that was weaned to pellets and didn't know seeds were food. It took over a year to get that bird to eat a seed. Every day I put seeds in the cage, and every day he played with them but didn't eat them.

You just can't give up. As for pellets, you can put juice on them, mix them in wet food and many other things. You can put a couple of pellets on your plate and pretend the are the best thing ever and act like you ate them in front of your bird. Then offer your bird a pellet.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea I am sure. You just can't give up.

Oh, and do NOT give this bird over the counter vitamins. I killed my bird bird doing that.

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