Manicure chemicals harmful to Cockatoo

by Ruth Dulin

Is manicure chemicals harmful to cockatoo? She is not in the room with them but in an adjoining room. Thank you very much

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Sep 17, 2011
Manicure chemicals and birds
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, they are harmful.

Dr B

Sep 16, 2011
Manicure chemicals harmful to Cockatoo
by: Linda

Thank You SO Much for asking because those chemicals will kill your bird if it is anywhere in the house with it. Most of us have central heat and air, and any chemicals we use get to our birds sooner than one might think. Most fumes are lighter than air, so travel easily to all parts of a house whether central heat/air is involved or not.

Fingernail polish, remover, hairspray, glues of the liquid kind, scented room deoderizers, bleach, ammonia and many other chemicals will kill the birds. Your manicures will have to be done either outside on porch or at a friend's house because it will kill your bird. Just remember, anything that fumes is going to kill your bird, and then you'll be able to quickly decide which will and won't.

For cleaning and killing bacteria and viral agents of all kinds, I recommend the Focus cleaner found here. It cannot be sprayed on or near the birds and can be sprayed onto a cloth to clean their cages and perches. Toys would need to be taken out and sprayed and rinsed. There is no need to rinse when used on cage and perches as it is safe. I use it to clean all over the house as it does a great job on cage grates, bottoms, bathrooms, sinks and all other household uses without risking your bird.

I hope this helps you and I know it wlll save your bird's life. Again, thanks for asking before using!


Sep 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes, any chemicals are harmful to a cockatoo. If the smell is strong, even though she's in another room, the smell can travel through your house. Just my opinion but I wouldn't risk it.

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