Many Thanks to Linda & Tracie!

by Julie

Our Baby Sun!

Our Baby Sun!

Hello! I wanted to write to you to follow up regarding the question I sent a few days ago - How Noisy Might This Sun Conure Be? I am happy to report that my husband & I did purchase this little guy and he is doing great! The people at the shop we purchased him from were wonderful - very patient & helpful while we were making our decision. We took him to the vet this past week and he has been given a clean bill of health! His leg will never heal, but I have to tell you he can get around! It may take him a little longer but he'll get where he wants to go, believe me! (I have attached a photo of him).

I am very happy to have found your website and plan to visit often! Thank you for your prompt responses to my previous question. It is much appreciated!

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Sep 05, 2009
Your New Little Guy
by: Linda

Julie, thank you so very much for your gracious compliments, and we are happy that you went ahead and took in this little bundle of feathers. He is adorable, and we hope you all will be happy together for many, many years. I like the little bed you have for him as it helps the smaller birds to feel safe.

Though Tracie and I have never met in person, we are sisters in spirit, and we very much enjoy answering questions and possibly making a difference in another family's life. Tracie deserves the most praise as she is the one who started this site in the hopes it would help make life better for the birds and their families. A letter like yours means a lot to her and makes her feel all her work on the site is well worth her time and effort.

Keep us posted on your baby's progress and send more pictures when you can as everyone loves to see them. Everyone also loves to hear stories like yours about people being willing to take in and nurture special needs birds.

Many thanks and God will bless you and family in ways you never imagined for this one act of kindness and love!


Sep 04, 2009
Sun conure adopted with bad leg
by: Tracie

Aww, thanks for letting us know! What makes this site so great is all the wonderful people that post questions and answers for us to all learn from. Of course, Dr B is wonderful for answering some of the questions even though he has a full time business and teaches at a university.

Linda is wonderful because she is an ex-breeder that answers questions here just because she loves birds. We have never even met! Her advice is invaluable and I so appreciate her help. :-)

I too have found that these handicapped birds are amazing. Just like handicapped humans, they adapt and overcome sooooo much! Have you ever seen Nick Vujicic? He has a website you must visit and get inspired! He even surfs!

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