Marcelle - trim nails?

Can you clip a parrots claws? My jenday parrots claws hurt me when he is on my shoulder and I would like to clip them but scared I hurt him.

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Aug 18, 2009
by: Linda

You will need to take your bird to your Avian Vet and let them show you how to trim the nails. It is a two-person job--one holding bird while the other clips nails. You can use a pair of "cat" nail clippers and always have quick stop or some other bleed-stop product right next to you so you can apply quickly to stop a bleed. If nails are trimmed every few months, there is usually not a problem with bleeding unless you make a mistake and cut too far up.

Since your bird has gone a long time without nail clipping, let your vet clip nails and show you how, and let the vet continue to get them in shape before you start doing the clipping yourself. You can also take bird to a breeder if you know of one in your area. Everyone usually charges a fee for this service, and it is not that much.

Once the Avian vet has gotten the nails in good order, then you can try to do it yourself. We always take our two Amazons into the vet every few months and let them do it. It is overall less stressful for the bird if someone who has a lot of experience with nail clipping does it. I used to do all my birds, and then the older I became, the slower my reflexes, so it is now too stressful for my two wild-caught birds for me to try and do them. I put them in travel cages, take to our Avian vet and let them BE THE BAD GUYS INSTEAD OF US!

Once your vet gets nails into shape, you could try the perches Tracie was talking about. I want to caution you to NOT use the sand, pumice and cement perches that are out there as they dry the feet and toes out so badly that one of my Amazons lost 2 toes before we knew what was causing the dry feet. The other one had lots of trouble and had to have a toe's dead tissue removed, but she did not lose one. The ones Tracie is talking about just have the rough material at the toenail level, so if perch is appropriate for your size bird, his feet and toes should not be harmed.

Hope this helps,

Aug 18, 2009
Trimming bird nails
by: Tracie

I personally will not trim my birds nails myself. In all honesty, I don't have to trim them either though.

We provide our birds with the Safe Pedicure Perch at every food dish, water bottle and one favorite toy station. These perches are smooth on top where their foot rests, but very rough where the nail rests. When they move back and forth on the perch, it trims their nails.

We also provide rope boings and perches along with natural branches so that they have a variety of perches for foot comfort and exercise. Our vet encourages all these things and says that our bird's feet are healthy because we do this.

My mom has larger birds and even though she provides the pedicure perches, she still has to have her bird's nails trimmed once or twice a year. She takes her bird to a reputable breeder for the trim if the they need trimming before her annual avian vet visit.

The reason she doesn't trim the nails herself, is because if you trim too much it will bleed and even though we have the avian first aid kit we don't want to have to use it! LOL

Aug 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you have never had the nails trimmed before, please take your parrot to the vet. The vet will show you the proper way with either. I use a dremel tool with the stone attachment on my parrots, however they are large (Cockatoo).

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