Maroon belly conure and red headed Parrot

by Darlene

My conure and parrot were friends while in separate cage if one was not in the same room would scream for the other but now they are in the same cage and fighting Why I do not have enough room for two cages

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Jul 02, 2015
Birds fighting when in same cage
by: Tracie

You can't expect that just because they are birds, and like each other, that they are willing to share the same cage, toys, food etc.

It's possible they will work out a pecking order, but if one, or both, birds get injured you are going to have a vet bill. It's a long drawn out process to work toward housing birds together, and sometimes it doesn't work.

You start with a neutral cage that neither bird thinks is their cage. Then you allow the birds to play on the cage, with 2 food dishes and 2 water bottles inside. Put one food dish and one water bottle on one side of the cage, and one of each on the other side of the cage. This keeps one bird from hogging food or water.

Since you don't have a neutral cage, you could simply allow the "new" bird being introduced to the cage to play on the outside of the other bird's cage and definitely have the food and water set up as I mentioned above. Have toys from the other cage put in there too, so the new bird has something familiar.

You have to watch them closely, to keep them from injuring each other. Be kind to even the bird attacking, remembering that they are birds, they are doing what nature created them to do. They don't have human reasoning.

Here is our Parrot Training page link to help you further.

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