Mating and Hissing

by Chris
(Brisbane Australia)

My red necked Lorrikeet has taken to laying on its back on the bottom of its cage,shredding everything in there, if you put you fingers in its cage it hisses lovingly at you moving its head from side to side and tries to mate with your fingers wriggling his tail end, I refer to it as it, as I dont know what sex it is because it was a rescue bird, is this normal ?>

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Feb 10, 2012
Mating and Hissing
by: Linda

Not sure without more information. If there has been any changes in appetite or activity levels, then your bird may be sick. Changes in poop consistency or color may also indicate illness.

If you've seen none of these, then your bird is just playing. If, however, it spends a lot of time on the bottom, then there IS something wrong. If it's been longer than a year since your bird's last checkup, then it is time to take him/her to an Avian Vet to make sure no infections or other physical problems are present.

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