Mating Behavior

by Deanna ALaniz
(Austin Texas)

I have two Sun Conures. They just reached there maturity level and have been rubbing there feathers all over my hands. I put them in there cage when they do this. How long will they do this for? What should I do if I dont want them to do this to me?

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Apr 18, 2009
Sun Conures rubbing on you
by: The Vet

This is normal behavior for many birds. My cockatiel is 20 and he still does it. It does not cause problems for the bird, but it may make for uncomfortable conversations with visitors and children.

Try to recognize when your bird is going to do this and put him into his cage before he starts. I can tell when my bird is about to masturbate; he makes a certain little noise and he paces to find the right spot to run on. If you can recognize your bird?s cues, you can put him in the cage or on a perch. And, if wants to continue his party there, he should be welcome to.

Dr B

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