mating behaviour

by Pam Wootton

my 9yr old jardine parrot has started to get very amourous, shall we say with his perch. He only seems to have started this within the last 12months but is getting more frequent. I obviously know why hes doing this, but am I being cruel keeping him on his own?

The trouble as I see it, with buying another bird for his is how to gaurantee I am buying a hen bird and also what if they didnt get on then I would be left with the two of them and I dont really have room for another cage in the house. Would it be kinder to let him go to a breeding programme. Although all the family are fond of him it does seem cruel going against his natural instinct.

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Oct 09, 2011
mating behaviour
by: Linda

I'll asnwer your main question and then go about dispelling your notion of "natural instinct".

First, what he is doing is okay so long as he does not hurt himself and is normal for an older bird.

Second, natural instinct is highly over-rated because birds, dogs, cats and other animals including humans do not have to breed and raise young. This is something that has caused our world to be over-populated with all manner of birds and animals including humans. Everyone and everything does not need to raise young. In fact, wolves in the wild will not breed and become pregnant if there is not enough food and room. They simply will not bring pups into a world where there is not enough space and food for them. We would be wise to follow their lead in this.

So, your bird does not need a mate as he does not have to breed. I think this notion may be partly responsible for there being too many birds on the market today. Most of them end up in horrible living situations and suffer lives of abuse, neglect and suffer in lonliness and pain until they are finally allowed to leave their bodies in death.

So, relax and keep an eye on your bird to make sure he's not hurting himself and allow him to be who he is. No need to go into breeding because there are already too many birds, dogs, cats and humans who suffer because of there being too many and not enough good homes for everyone. Just because we can breed and have babies is not a good reason to do it in the face of too many and not enough food and other resources.

Thanks for writing,

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