mating behavor

by lisa marie

My umbrella cockatoo likes to get real close to me,fan out his tail to one side and make is body flat, is this mating? Why does he do this?

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Dec 30, 2011
mating behavor
by: Linda

It could just be play behavior. Also the behavior you described is the female's mating behavior not the male. Depending on how old your bird is, you can tell by the color iris' in their eyes which sex they are. If your bird is over 6 years old, the male has a totally black iris, and the female has a reddish brown iris. The Cockatoos have to be 6 years or older before the eye change happens as all the babies have black iris. This one does sound like a female.

I caution you strongly about even thinking of breeding the Toos because it sometimes does not go well. Toos are birds who cannot usually be left alone together in pairs as one or the other sometimes decides to kill the other mate. If you have any intention of breeding, get in touch with other Too breeders to learn about hand feeding babies, how to set up a breeding cage and how to find or build a correct size and type of nest box. Also begin to understand the Cockatoos' special needs as for mating and living. Make sure you have a cage for the male ready because once he has mated with the female, he will need to be removed to another cage for safety's sake. You can wait until the first egg is laid before moving him. Breeding is expensive and people who take good care of their birds do not make much money. In fact, if they break even, they've accomplished a lot.

Before breeding any kind of bird, they have to be examined by an Avian Vet to make sure they carry no infections or other problems. Any infections, parasites or other physical issues are passed directly onto babies who usually die quickly.

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