mating call

by pat

my female cockateil is constantly lifting her tail in the air and making very quiet whistling sounds. What does that mean. we have a male in the cage too.

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Dec 27, 2011
mating call
by: Linda

She is communicating with the other bird, her mate. If you don't know how to breed birds and handfeed babies with handfeeding formula using a syringe, I suggest you separate these birds into two cages. Once they start breeding, eggs will be laid in the bottom of cage, and you cannot hatch eggs from such a filthy place.

Breeding birds is very expensive, and you have to have a breeding cage, correct kind of nestbox, know how to handfeed babies which is a learned skill and willing to buy them high quality organic pellets so they can produce healthy babies. They will also have to both be taken to an Avian Vet before any breeding to make sure they are healthy because sick and unhealthy parents produce sick and unhealthy babies.

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