mating cockatiels

i have female and male cockatiel female does the mating call but male doesnt go but some times male goes around female and start mating call but evertime either one does this partner doesnt go for it is that normal is it because they never did it so they dont know how??

oh and my female lay eggs often but not fertilized and worried itll b too much for her. she layed egg bfor i had my male for over a month did everything they said to try stop her and someone told me maybe if get male and mate might get her to stop after the mating is done....we it had her doing cluster of 5 eggs stoped for while but now restarted but still no matting???

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Oct 01, 2012
mating cockatiels
by: Linda

Well, getting the male was a mistake in this case. Now, the female is bound and determined to lay more eggs. I suggest you separate the birds into two cages right away. They can still be where they can see each other, but no more together.

Your hen will keep laying eggs, so get some fake eggs and replace each real egg with the fake eggs. You can find these online, and get the size for the Cockatiels. Then, when all the eggs have been replaced, allow her to sit on the eggs. Do not put a nestbox into the cage. Just leave her cage with her feeding/watering dishes and a toy or two. Also make sure both cages are roomy enough so both birds can fully spread their wings and flap without hitting sides of cage or anything in the cages. If your bird is in too small a cage and is not getting enough exercise, she is frustrated as well as being unhealthy.

Diet can play an important part here too, so if birds are eating all seed diets, these will have to be changed over to organic pellets as 80-85% of diet with veggie/fruit as only 10-15%. If you are now feeding any egg food or other high protein human foods, discontinue them immediately as these make birds nervous and could be contributing to the problem.

I also suggest you have both your birds examined by an Avian Vet ONLY to make sure this behavior is not from a physical issue. You also cannot begin to change birds over to an organic pellet diet until they have both been examined and deemed healthy enough for the stress of a dietary change.

So, separate birds and forget about breeding altogether because markets all over the world are saturated with birds from any and everybody breeding whether they know what they're doing or not. Get the fake eggs and begin replacing real eggs with them and then let her sit on the fakes. Make sure eggs are kept clean which means washing them when they get poop on them. Take both birds to Avian Vet and then begin changing over to a healthy organic pellet like Harrison's found here. Below is link to article about how to go about the change.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say about your bird's condition.


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