mating different species

by jenni
(QLD Australia)

I have a princess parrot and a cockatil. The princess parrot is about to lay eggs can they have babies? Hope so they might be really cute. If not do I take the eggs out. Also they dont have a breeding box do i need to get one.Hope you can help me thanks Jenni

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Sep 09, 2012
Can princess parrot and cockatiel have babies?
by: Tracie

No, they can not have babies. What makes you think the princess parrot is "about to lay eggs?" Is the bird struggling to lay an egg? If it is straining, then you need to find an avian vet right away.

If she does lay eggs, then you should remove the eggs if the the bird is not interested in laying on them or if they are cracked. Your birds can die if they eat a rotten egg.

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