mating parakeets

by Natasha
(Cranston, Rhode island)

when will my parakeets lay eggs and mate?

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Mar 12, 2011
Breeding parakeets
by: Tracie

Your parakeets may never mate or lay eggs. If you are not experienced at breeding birds, it is best that your female NOT lay eggs until you have the knowledge and experience to deal with the many problems that can come up. You could lose your female and babies, due to not having any experience.

Your birds need to be on a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's pellets, if you insist on moving ahead with breeding your birds. If your bird is eating seeds or cheap pellets, your bird might become egg bound and die trying to lay eggs.

Please do your research and offer to help another breeder in your area so you can learn first hand all you can. What if the parents won't feed the babies, or they attack the babies. Do you have the experience and time to feed the babies every few hours? Do you have the money for vet bills?

There is so much to being a good reputable breeder. I suggest that you take the breeder box out of the cage, until you are for sure ready to feed a bunch of babies every few hours and can afford the vet bills that go with problems that arrive.

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