Mating problems

by Kristian

I have three male bird a love bird,2 cockatiel and one female sun conure in a seperate cage.The male love and one cockatiel keep humping solid objects and making noises but when i brought a female cockatiel she laid egg but they never bred.

what can i do to start a breeding them my aunt has been breeding cockatiels successfully for 7 years but i havent been able to breed my pair successfully.ALL MY BIRD HAVE BEEN DNA SEXED.My sun was also taken to my aunt for breeding purposes.But my aunt owns two suns and x amount of cockatiels and 2 budgies.

There are two cages and breeding boxes onder the cage thesun are agresive toward each other and are kept in diffrent cages next to each others with the cage doors open but the dont come out to attack each other but rather the female that is by herself goes to his cage and steals some food.she has tryed to steal cockatiel chick to try to raise herself in her box but the parent were so friendly to bring the chick bck to there box and let her help raise there chicks together but the only ones that dont get along are the two suns when my sun was taken over she imediatly was a turn off two th male and female conure but then the female gave in and tried to mate with her the laid alote of eggs then when i put her with the male they just ignored each other.

He was a bought from an avairy at a low price becouse his mate which died but made chick with him plucked som of his feathers around his neck.But why is he agresive toward my aunts female only.and why are my male humping material in there cage like food/water bowls and sticks.Please help me find a way to proke my sun and my aunts to breed like diets/habitat/seasons ect.. ive tried pacient for 7months cuddle bone more day light boxes in the cage over the cage every were.


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Mar 28, 2009
Mating problems
by: The Vet

This is a very complicated question, and not one that can be adequately covered in an email forum. So many factors determine if a pair of birds are going to breed. Cage size, type of perches, amount of light, season, health status, nutrition, age, and much more.

Have your birds been examined by an avian veterinarian to be sure they are healthy? Are they vaccinated? If not, you should not breed them until they are. How old are these birds? Are these birds handfed? If so, the behavior you are seeing is very common with handfed males. Handfed birds imprint on humans and are often very poor breeders.

Are the pairs bonded? It can take years for pairs to form a bond and want to produce babies. Believe me, 7 months is not long at all, at least for birds like sun conures. For cockatiels and love birds it does not take so long. It may be that the pairs you have are not compatible.

Maybe they don?t have enough privacy.

What are you feeding them? Are they on pellets? If not, then this could be a nutritional problem.

There are so many things that can be preventing them from breeding, and it is likely more than one thing in combination.

Have you though about not breeding them since there are so many unwanted birds in rescues and sanctuaries?

Dr B

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