Mating Quaker parrots

My two Quakers were mating today. I do no have. Nesting box nor do I want to raise Quakers right now. Will they lay an egg just because thy mounted and will this continue? I do nt want he female o deplete her calcium NE continue to ay eggs

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May 17, 2012
Mating Quaker parrots calcium concern
by: Tracie

The only way to keep them from mating is to separate them. There is no telling if the female will lay eggs or even of one of them is a female. Sometimes males will mount each other, as weird as that sounds.

The only way to make SURE your bird doesn't have calcium problems, if one starts laying eggs, is to feed a high quality pellet diet like Harrison's or Roudybush and only about 20% seeds and other healthy treats.

If you have a female and she starts laying eggs, you can replace them with fake eggs for her to sit on. This will prevent you from potentially having to raise chicks if they don't feed them or start trying to kill them.

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