Mating Season

by Mindy
(Columbus, OH)

I have a male Eclectus Parrot that is 10 years old. The last couple of months he has been trying to mate with my female friends that come over to my house. I was wondering how long this will last and if there is anything I should do to keep him from doing this? He does not do this to me or any male friends. I have no plans of getting him a mate. I am the third owner of this bird and he had never done this before and I have owned him for over 3 years.

Please advise!

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Oct 24, 2015
Breeding and Thank you Linda
by: Roxy and Friday

I have gotten a female eclectus parrot and she my love. She my very best friend. I got her given to me free 5 days later after I was bit by a terrible bird mite but we did good. Please take you animal to the Vet like I did with Roxy. Had trouble with stupid friends and boy did she ever let me know who my friends where. One women suggested that I wave a cig to train her. I stop her and said, "I don't wave a cig in front of a child how dare you!!" One women scold her when my parrot bite her boots and I thought the women was going to kick her. Almost and I said, "Get out! I don't kick you dog. These women where stealing from my house. I notice that the female change. She became more aggressive. She turn mature and what I thought was fun was a box with doors and windows like a doll house. She laid an egg. She became depress and I think she had a caught so I took her to the Vet. That's when I notice she was lonely and yes we bought a male from breeders. He is 11 years old and never out of his cage. They called me and said that they where sorry but they made a mistake before sending him DFW airport. The said the numbers where mixed up and the one I seen on the internet had two missing toes and they did not know how that happen. Roxy was not in that good of condition and traveled from family to family to us until me and my doctor and the vet. Covered in birds mites badly. We fell for him. He learning to talk. He only new the sound of a car horn and passing gas. (Laughting). I took him to a Vet and his beak was to long and his nails was so long he had a hard time walking. He is looking great and I not pushing him either. Kept them in different cages side by side. Now I see like kissing and passing food. Should we Breed? I never breed any animal until I got a line of good folks wanting them in good home. I would like a boy from Friday and Roxy but is it true they lay 9 eggs in a year??? You right Linda I think we spoiled Roxy she scream until I get up. She got controlling. She bites and yet she throw kissing and messy but calls me Mom. I fell in love with them. My nightmare was when one man told me why don't you pull one egg and boil it and save it and keep it in the freezer then when she has as many you want just warm the egg and replace it with one in her nest. When she comes charging out of the nest give her the towel. Ugh!!!!Think she would hate me for the rest of her life. I don't treat them like a toy. I let them play but much thoughts goes into unwanted parrots and I don't want be the one that said, "I use to have a parrot." and they say, "What happen to it?" No response. I talked to a man who owns Aviary Adoption center who had success with 75 years and of course I called him just incase something happen and I could not take care of them. I could have gotten a eclectus male from him for 600 instead of 1769.00 but I just could not see Friday who never had a name but a number and never been out of his cage and never been trimed and probably never been to a Vet go for the rest of his life never been greeted in the morning with the words "Hi" and "Good morning" and "How are you doing." because they told we they don't greet them. They have 150.00.

May 20, 2010
by: Mindy

I just want to thank you for your suggestions. I will try them out and hopefully he will calm down on trying to mate with my female friends. He is very social bird but just now he is overly friendly.

Thanks again!

May 17, 2010
distract him
by: Anonymous

His hormones are a natural thing so unfortunately you can't stop it. But you discourage it & distract him. Distract him onto some favourite toys or treat. Try & watch his body language. If you know he's about to do it, remove him & place him on the stand. Don't tell him off, just calmly remove him.
& more tolerable than other parrot species.

The time it will last can vary. Eclectus hormonal periods are usually shorter
You can also visit an eclectus site for more information.

Good luck with

May 16, 2010
Mating Season
by: Linda

This is NOT something to be overly concerned about as breeding season comes and goes as will his romantic inclinations. Allow him his freedom of expression, and if these ladies are becoming unduly upset, then put bird somewhere else when those particular people come over.You can also take him and put him in cage with an admonishment about how he should be a much nicer boy.This would be better as he'll start to associate being put in cage with his sexual advances which is what you want here.

This can also be a form of acting out. You said he'd been in several homes now, and parrots get worse and worse every time they are moved. Moving them is usually because previous owner just did not understand what getting a parrot meant, and as soon as they figured out that this creature has needs and is messy, loud and generally the wild animal that he IS, then that's just too much, so he must be moved. This happens with most of the parrots out there right now. Most get moved around up to 10 times and take their old behaviors with them and add some more to them in new home.

So, your parrot is an exotic wild animal, and he is acting exactly as a wild animal would act. He gets all excited once or twice a year, and will be attracted to human females since he is without a mate. I DO NOT ADVOCATE BREEDING BIRDS BECAUSE SO MANY ARE IN HORRIBLE SITUATIONS AS WE SPEAK. I thank you for opting to NOT breed.

When he starts the sensual behavior, take him and place him gently in his cage and say something like, "you need to stop doing that". You don't have to yell at him, just let him know that you are not pleased with his pickup line!

Once breeding season goes away, your sweet little boy will return. Mature parrots both male and female all have their own versions of this. My female Macaw used to pull my hair out by the roots when she was all ready to mate as she viewed me as her enemy. I almost went bald in front top from her meanness. She'd settle down then for about another 6 months, and I started wearing head gear to clean her cage to keep what hair I had in my head!

There are also some training materials on site you may wish to look at, because a more professional trainer may have some good ideas to help you.You cannot change the fact that he is a full grown male, but you may able to train him to be more polite. His behavior may also be partly jealousy of the other ladies.Let us know how this goes as your information could help another bird to NOT be abused by an ignorant person who does not understand who they brought into their home.


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