mating without leg - female pionus - will she manage - do not want to loose her

by laura

the female breeding pionus had her leg ripped off - been treated - i just want to knwo if she will manage to mate with the male without a leg - would she just crouch down for him - im sure aside from that she will adapt fine with her beak and wings being fine - any suggestions would help

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Nov 07, 2011
mating without leg - female pionus - will she manage - do not want to loose her
by: Linda

I think you need to forget about attempting to breed this female. For one thing, she will not be able to handle the weight of the male without falling off the perch or whatever she's sitting on. Number two, an injured or sick bird is sometimes killed by a well bird. In the wild, flocks protect themselves by either killing or driving out injured and sick birds. These birds bring predators so cannot be tolerated by the flock. Parrots are exotic wild animals and will behave exactly as do their wild counterparts especially when in a breeding situation.

You need to get another female if you want to breed, and you need to know many things before breeding any birds. Breeding is expensive if birds are fed correctly and provided with proper Avian Vet exams before breeding. Babies also have to be watched over because any infections can kill them quickly. You also have to know how to handfeed babies using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe. This is a learned skill from how hot to get the formula to how to correctly use the syringe, so a breeder would have to show you how to do all this. Babies have to be weighed everyday with a gram scale. If one does not gain weight one day, then all are most likely sick with infections. Babies won't last long with infections.

Much to learn and very little money to be made if you or anyone is treating birds the way they need to be treated. You may wish to rethink idea about breeding at all like a lot of the rest of us have. If you still want to breed, you have much study to do before you get started. The female you mentioned will not be physically able to mate and/or take care of her babies which means you would have to do all the feeding, cleaning and taking to the avian vet. Your female has had enough trauma for one lifetime, please don't put her life in danger when it is not called for.

Thanks for writing,

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