by cathy ocasio
(chicago Ill.)

I have a green cheek concur, (female) an a male love bird, they both seem crazy about each other, when I let one out of it's cage, it goes straight to the others cage, can they be in the same cage, and would they mate, if given the chance?

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May 04, 2011
Lovebird and Conure together
by: Tracie

It is not usually recommended to put a lovebird and conure together, because of the size difference, but because lovebirds are so bossy, I have known it to work. I personally still do NOT recommend it.

You must be VERY cautious. Just because they enjoy playing together outside the cage, does not mean either bird will be happy to share everything inside of a cage. Both birds have the potential of fatally harming the other bird.

They can not produce young, so mating is not an issue.

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