Matted feathers and undigested food in feces

by Lori

Once again my cockatiel is ill. She was treated for giardia in Jan. and seemed to recover. Friday night I noticed she wasn't eating and the feathers around her head were matted and the area around her vent was dirty.

I took her to the Vet on saturday. He thought she was throwing up because her nose was clear.He gave me injectable Baytril to give her orally once a day. She seems to be perking up a little and her feathers on her head have stayed clean tonight but there was undigested seed in her feces and it was really dark green and slimey.

Could this be caused from the antibiotic? I gave her millet just trying to get her to eat. I didn't see her eat but apparantly a she did a little.

She is drinking and there are probiotics in the water. It dosen't look like she has touched her pellets. She eats totally organic pellets and I've been mixing Harrison's in with them trying to get her to switch since she was sick in Jan. but so far she just won't eat them. Should I give this more time or take her back to the vet? He didn't run any test.

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Apr 15, 2009
Bird not getting well
by: The Vet

Your bird needs to have some diagnostic tests to find out what the primary problem is. Don?t worry about switching her while she is sick. You can continue to offer the new food, but don?t force the issue now.

Also, stop putting stuff in her water. This could cause her not to drink or drink enough which will complicate her condition. I also recommend that you put a heating pad on her age and try to get the temperature to 90-95ºF. This will help her fight her infection. Your bird has a serious illness and you should find an avian veterinarian that can do some testing to determine why your bird is ill.

Dr. B

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