Matt's itchy parrot

by Matt

why is my parrot itching his ears?

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Nov 09, 2009
Matt's itchy parrot
by: Linda

Hello Matt and thanks for writing! It is a normal part of grooming for birds to fluff up feathers so they can get to their skin and groom it by scratching some. If he is doing this a whole lot, then he may have something wrong with his ear like an earache or something. If he is doing it all the time and looks like he may be uncomfortable, you probably need to take him in to see an Avian Vet so they can look in his little ears and see what's going on.

He could have a parasite or something like that. Is he eating a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's? All seed diets leave birds with incomplete diets which can cause itchy skin and problems with their feathers. The change from seeds to pellets takes time, so you'll need to not be in a hurry. Here is a link to an article Dr. B wrote about how to change birds from seeds to the pellets.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Tracie carries the Harrisons products out here as well as a few other organic pelleted diets. Our Amazons have been eating the Harrisons for many years and are healthy with shiny feathers and bright eyes. You may wish to try some of it.

Again, thanks for writing, and feel free to write again when you want to. We love talking with people who love their birds, and sounds like you do.


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