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What an incredible opportunity to be able to have a phone consultation with a Holistic Avian Veterinarian! Please remember, he can NOT diagnose what is wrong with your bird over the phone, but he CAN offer healthy alternative treatments to a problem that has already BEEN diagnosed.

Client Comments for this Holistic Avian Vet

Dr Dave has been my HOLISTIC AVIAN vet for around 4 years. I'm in Canada so I PHONE CONSULT with Dr Dave for my birds - if you aren't fortunate enough to live near enough to take your birds to see Dr Dave in person, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend a phone consultation with him.

I have done so for many of my birds, for both minor and serious health problems and have had FANTASTIC results (including my budgie Opal who has LIVER and KIDNEY PROBLEMS that a breeder friend felt would take her life...it's been around 4 years since Opal's first phone consult with Dr Dave and she's doing great! Feisty as heck! She still takes a custom liver and kidney formula mixed specifically for her by Dr Dave. I will add that Opal also received a lot of prayer...so Dr Dave shares credit with God!).

If you're wondering about cost, I can tell you that a phone consultation with Dr Dave is very affordable and worth every cent it costs and a LOT more. I believe there is a very good chance I might not still have Opal, and maybe one of my other parrots too if it weren't for God and Dr Dave - if you have a sick bird, I cannot more strongly encourage you to phone consult with Dr Dave for your bird (or better yet, visit in person if you can).

As for the cost of remedies, I've found them to be EXTREMELY affordable(despite being custom mixed for your individual bird!).

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