mesquite pods

by Cindy
(central Mexico)

Hello, I have a molluccan cockatoo and an african grey. I also have a large mesquite tree......occasionally a pod from the tree fals into a cage and my cockatoo seems to be in love with them. He chews them open and then sort of "sucks" on the seed. I cannot find info about whether or not they might be harmful. I try to keep them out of the cages but have no way of knowing how many they may have consumed.

They are happy, certainly seemingly happy "children" and, since they have lived in the same garden setting with the mesquite tree for over 2 years I feel pretty confident that the pods aren't harmful. I hope that you can tell me that it is fine as the "destruction factor" that the pods present is, of course, very attractive to these boys. Thanking you in advance for your reply,
Cindy, Harris and Spiro, especially Harris, THE cockatoo

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Jul 19, 2011
Mesquite pods are safe for birds
by: Tracie

You just need to remove the sharp parts on the mesquite pods. You can see more things that are safe and not safe on our non-toxic for birds list .

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