This is Atalantae Mexican Red Headed Amazon.

This Mexican Red Headed Amazon is an Amazon rescue parrot.

Mexican Red Headed AmazonMexican Red Headed Amazon

I decided that I would give a home to a needy bird. I did a search online for rescues in Pa and Ohio. The Pa ones never even acknowledged that I had filled out an adoption application at all. So I got my first email in Sept 2005.

I was told that she had a 13 yr old Mexican Red Headed Amazon that needed a home. S/he had been a mascot for 5 or 6 years. S/he's name is Babe. And the lady thought that it was a male. But couldn't remember what the card said.

I talked with my significant other and decided we would drive 5 hrs one way to get Babe. When we finally get there, I found this frightened large Mexican Red Headed Amazon in a cage that is about the size that would do for 1 cockatiel. It had 1 small toy hanging in the cage and 2 lids on the bottom of the cage, one with seed and one with water. UGH!!!! I was totally and instantly angry!!!

Come to find out, they only got her/him out to trim his beak, toe nails and wings. Oh gosh I am going to have a time retraining her/him I thought. I filled out the required paperwork, bought him a large cage there, loaded everything in the SUV and off we went towards home and a new life for Babe.

We got home and I cleaned the cage out and put in his new perches, toys, and the water and food. Now came trying to get him out. I had to towel him, poor baby. I toweled him and put him/her in its new cage. Wow! Now this was a site to see. Babe starts to climb all over this cage like 'wow this is huge'. He refuses to come out. I let a week go by.

Now he comes out on his own. I offer him/her either the hand or the towel to step up on. S/he chose the hand. I took him/her to the vet to have all the tests done on him/her. Perfect feather, perfect blood work came back. Oh and the vet says.... It's a boy! Well my significant other and I decided that Babe was not a good name for a 'son' and since Babe did not know his name, we picked out Jasper.

It took approx 1 week for him to start to look when we would say his name. He turned into a sweetheart. He will not let anyone pet down his back. He is relatively quiet for the most part. He can get loud in the morning and loud around 7pm. when it is time for him to go to bed. He also gets to screaming if he wants what we are having to eat.

He is a pasta piggy, loves it with a passion. Then came April of 2006, my newly acquired 'son' turned into a total monster!!! The “spring thing” had come. The “I want to mate” season, the dreaded hormonal season had come.

I had thought it only lasted for 1 month. Oh NO, it lasts as long as 4 months. EEEEKKKKKK!!! Needless to say he uses a towel to step up on now. I have gotten bitten enough to know that if it is a towel I must use, I will!!!

Post Script:

Jasper, the Mexican Red Headed Amazon is now in a new home with other Amazons and is very, very happy.

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