Read this Mexican Red Headed Amazon story and find out what it is like to live with a Mexican Red Headed Amazon.

Mexican Red Headed Amazon Parrot Picture

Ike is an Mexican Red-Headed Amazon Parrot. He is still getting use to his new home, but he is slowly coming around.

It has been about a week now, as of Jan.12, 2007. Not much time for the big guy to get use to his surroundings.

His favorite foods include peanuts in the shell, sunflower seeds and parrot treats shaped like little stars that are green, yellow and orange.

He is not big into fruit, but when mom isn't watching I think he does eat a little bit of what I give him in the dish (just like a regular kid doesn't want mom to know he actually likes veggies and fruit).

Ike responds to when I whistle by cocking his head to the side and whistling back. He mumbles a lot but does not say actual words (yet).

Ike likes country music. When I play it on the television he will dance on the top of his cage door, by taking a bow turning around taking a bow and so on.

Ike listens to his other feathered friends, two parakeets across the room. When they are squawking and singing, Ike will turn to watch them.

Ike is still growing his feathers back. He is 12 years old and used to life in a drug house. He had plucked his feathers all around his body. He is a beautiful bird that is coming around. We are truly blessed to have him a part of the family.

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